CoffeeMug, Klub join hands to invest in fast-growing D2C brands; entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders to benefit – Here is how

CoffeeMug, a curated AI superconnector, has announced its partnership with Klub, a Revenue Based Financing (RBF) platform. The partnership aims to benefit CoffeeMug’s curated member base of entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders by providing them an opportunity to directly invest in loved consumer brands through Klub’s Revenue Based Financing (RBF) platform, an official statement said.

“Together, CoffeeMug, through its community of curated member base and Klub with its platform, is targeting to invest INR 100 crores in D2C brands over the next three years,” the statement added.

“We are super excited to work with Klub and live up to our commitment to unlocking real business opportunities for our member base. Our partnership will open doors for alternate investment opportunities for CoffeeMug members and help us diversify their portfolio.” Dipti Tandon, Co-Founder, CoffeeMug stated. 

“Klub is a big believer in the power of the community enabling the growth of high-affinity local brands. We are excited to partner with CoffeeMug to unlock complementary synergies.” said Anurakt Jain, Co-Founder and CEO, Klub.

“CoffeeMug is a global introduction platform connecting entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders. Its AI based algorithms behind the backdrop connect members on a weekly basis, basis the member profile score, objectives, interest, feedback from previous meetings etc., this ensures highly contextualized, warm introductions leading to high interaction rates,” says the company.

“Klub is a fintech platform that provides skin-in-the-game growth capital to loved consumer brands through Revenue Based Financing (RBF). Klub is backed by marquee investors including Surge, Sequoia Capital India’s rapid scale-up program, EMVC Fintech Fund, and many prominent angels.

“Brands struggle to find financing options without excessive dilution or rigid repayment schedules. This challenge has been amplified due to Covid, and many brands are looking for alternative financing opportunities. Klub provides skin-in-the-game growth capital to loved brands across sectors including wellness, direct-to-consumer, food services, fashion, beauty & personal care, subscription, and online-first retailers. Founder-friendly and affordable, Klub is a non-dilutive financing option with no fixed EMIs, and is repayable as a fixed percentage of the brand’s monthly revenue. In addition, Klub provides recurring investments as the brand grows,” the fintech platform said in a statement.

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