Samsung working on rollable, slidable displays

Seoul, Jan 31 (IANS) South Korean tech giant Samsung has confirmed that it is working on rollable and slidable screens.

Samsung Display`s Senior Vice-President Kwon-Young Choi confirmed that the company`s first rollable and slidable displays are coming this year. It is expected that Samsung`s mobile division will be the first to adopt them, reports GSMArena.

The concept renders show the display and the rear panel of the phone curl into the interior of the device when collapsed.

The expansion of the screen along the width is made possible using a wear-resistant rack and motorized dual-pinion arrangement.

The device may come with an electric motor within the tubular structures and allow the screen to be extended and retracted.

In addition, the company earlier said that it has developed a low-power consumption organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel for smartphones.

The affiliate of Samsung Electronics Co. said the latest OLED display reduces power consumption up to 16 per cent compared with its previous smartphone panels.

The new OLED panel is already being used in Samsung`s Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone unveiled earlier this month.

OLED displays do not require a separate light source but produce colours by running an electric current directly through a proprietary set of self-luminous organic materials.








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