Warning! WhatsApp text can install a WORM on your smartphone | The message, Malicious app, Phishing to Fraud site check details NOW

WhatsApp users read this very carefully. WhatsApp users are being targeted with new wormable malware that spreads fast. It spreads through WhatsApp and tricks users into downloading a fake app that also targets the devices of friends! The so-called ‘worm’ can only infect a person’s phone if they receive the message themselves and click on the link it contains. This WhatsApp worm is rampaging on Android smartphones. It then requests the user to enable a variety of functions and permissions. These activate a hidden capability which means when the phone receives a WhatsApp message it will instantly reply with a link to the scam site.

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WhatsApp Scam
The intention of the WhatsApp scam is to bombard people with ads, which creates revenue for criminals or to dupe people into signing up for a subscription service. However, the tech could also be easily adapted to become more sinister and steal personal information as well as bank details, according to a report from dailymail.co.uk.  

This is WhatsApp message sent
The WhatsApp automatically sent message is pinged out once an hour to avoid looking like blatant spam and reads ‘Download This application and Win Mobile Phone’. The accompanying URL is made to look like a Google link in order to trick the recipient, however, it is another hoax.  

Brings up Fraud Site
If a person does click the link it brings up a site which is a convincing clone of the Google Play store but is in fact a fraud. It asks the person to download an app called ‘Huawei Mobile’. This is not a real Huawei app and is made by the scammers.  

Malicious App Forces Users To Download phishing messages 
‘This is a malicious app that tricks people into downloading it and sending phishing messages through permissions granted by the Android operating system. We are reporting this to the domain provider that the phishing service is using to take action and to protect against this abuse,” A WhatsApp spokesperson was quoted as saying MailOnline.

“We strongly encourage people never to install apps from untrusted sources and to never tap unusual or suspicious links. We also encourage people to report messages like this as soon as possible so that we can take action,” the WhatsApp spokesperson further added.

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