PUBG Mobile India update: Some Android users playing PUBG Mobile via this APK link

PUBG Mobile India: The 118 apps that were banned by the government continue to be in limbo and no decision has been reached on them as yet, hinting that PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite will not be available in India anytime soon. However, in a new update provided by InsideSport, a new link has emerged where PUBG Mobile can be played in India without any hassles, the reported.

Notably, after the PUBG Mobile game ban, there have been plenty of rumors about the game making a comeback and targeting a re-launch on March 2021 but a recent update from the Indian Government made PUBG Mobile India re-launch even more difficult.

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PUBG Mobile game can be downloaded from this link:…‘. The file size is 613 MB. Through a VPN, this link allows you to play the Classic and TDM versions of PUBG Mobile. There is apparently no pop-up that shows restricted areas but that might not be the case for all users and all Android devices. However, this version of the game is banned in India and one might fall prey to a government penalty, according to DNA India.

The other way to play PUBG Mobile is to go to the official website by using a VPN and change your designated region from India to a country where the game is not banned. On the official PUBG website, one can download the APK link which is 624 MB. The link can then be installed, and the game can be played.

Even though PUBG Mobile India has been banned in the country, this Battle Royale Game continues to do well globally. It has been making several modifications and coming up with new updates for its global audience.

It has continued to remain one of the most popular and successful games worldwide. Recently, in its attempt to reach wider audience, a 0.20.0 update of PUBG Mobile Lite Global Version has been launched for Android users.

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