This WhatsApp trick will help you save more data while making calls

WhatsApp trick: We all know that people are heavily dependent on the world-famous instant messaging app WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned WhatsApp is widely used to share videos, photos, calls, video calling, and to send media files, etc. And this consumed a lot of expensive data, which in the end impact your pocket.

But are you aware that you can save your data by reducing your consumption while making calls on WhatsApp? Today we are going to tell you the WhatsApp tricks that will help you reduce this data consumption, thereby saving you money.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service and people visit the app so many times in a day. So, to save money, WhatsApp provides an option to reduce the call quality. Simple, isnt it? 

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Here’s how you can reduce data usage on WhatsApp

First of all, you need to go into WhatsApp settings. In the settings, users will get ‘storage’ and ‘data option’ feature. Above the media auto download, there will be an option of ‘Use Less Data For Calls’. You will have to enable this feature. After the option has been enabled the call quality might not be as good as before but it won’t put as much load on the data connection.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp on earlier this month, said  that it is bringing in an additional layer of protection for users linking their WhatsApp account to their computer. The Facebook-owned company said it will use the face or fingerprint unlock, where it is available on the mobile phone operating system, to facilitate the new security feature.

“In order to link WhatsApp Web or Desktop to your WhatsApp account, you will now be asked to use your face or fingerprint unlock on your phone, before scanning a QR code from the phone to link your device. This will limit the chance that a housemate or officemate (when we have those again) can link devices to your WhatsApp account without you,” WhatsApp said in a blogpost.


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