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PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile India relaunch seems to be on a big break after its plans ran aground recently due to not being able to get authorities approval. While Indian gamers have no option but to wait for the relaunch of this world-famous battle royale game, PUBG Mobile developers are continuously bringing amazing new updates for the gamers around the world. The latest news on it is that PUBG Mobile has released new map Karakin for beta testing.

According to a report from insidesport, PUBG Mobile’s new map Karakin is now up for beta testing. Karakin was originally supposed to be launched at the Day 2 of PMGC 2020, however, due to technical issues, the launch was delayed.

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Now, the new PUBG Mobile map is up for beta testing and will soon be available in the global version of the map. Karakin is a 2×2 km long map, much like Livik which is available to play.

The Karakin map has some new updated features like a new Motor Glider that is found in various parts of the map, but this is an all-over update. The Motor Glider can also be found in Erangle and Miramar.  There is also an addition of a new sticky bomb that opens the crevices that are found in the Karakin Map, insidesport reported. These crevices open a new secret path that leads underground and could be a great place to find loot.

Karakin map was initially released in the PC version of PUBG in February 2020. It is now available for Mobile version as well. Owing to the fact that it is a small map, only 64 players will be there is the Karakin lobby.

The map is very similar to Miramar, which is an 8×8 km long map. Karakin is set in North Africa, in the midst of a desert-like field with little to vegetation. It is filled with ridges and dips just like we see in Miramar, the report said.

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